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Ecommerce SEO Services
We help you optimize your business by guiding purchase-ready customers straight to your business or services through SEO, aka organic growth. Using established strategies to enhance your business's rankings using organic search and tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEM Rush, Screaming Frog, etc., we help sustain the 'natural order' online.
The benefits of REdefine Solutions SEO services
  •     Improves UX
  •     Increases Brand Visibility
  •     Helps Build Brand Credibility
  •     Higher Conversion Rate
  •     Establish Brand Awareness
  •     A/B Testing

SEO Audit Services

Our business analysts develop a customized SEO campaign backed by a strong content strategy by conducting a thorough brand, SEO, and backlink audit.

At a time when fake 'gurus' are everywhere around you, assuring that they have cracked the code for the success of SEO, we have the answer to the following questions that will help us sniff them out.
  •     Who is your target audience?
  •     How will we improve your rankings?
  •     How do we approach backlinks?
  •     What do we track?
  •     What do we know about Google's algorithms?
  •     Can we guarantee a No. 1 ranking?
We want to show you how you can be seen


Through CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization services, we optimize your website for maximum conversion and increase revenue by driving traffic and converting that traffic. We will not shy away from answering a critical question for you - how long will SEO take. Our answer is it depends. SEO is an ongoing and slow process because, in addition to all the variables that optimize your site, we also must consider (and give credit to) your competitor's optimization efforts.

Landscape Analysis

Our SEO management services also include an in-depth audit of your primary competitors. But, we plan one move ahead and ask you about your secondary and tertiary competitors too. A detailed competitive landscape analysis allows us to set a direction for where your business could head in the future. We leverage your business' strengths rather than engaging in price wars.
Our Competitive Landscape Analysis:
  •     Organize
  •     Identify the competition
  •     Analyze their content
  •     Monitor their social media
  •     Analyze their marketing strategy and offers
  •     Evaluate their offers and pricing
  •     Determine their positioning
  •     Use frameworks – SWOT or PESTLE

A/B Testing

Our enterprise SEO services also include A/B testing to increase your CRO. We run multiple A/B tests and eliminate all the distractions on your websites that might hinder your customers' already reduced attention span. As it is an ongoing process and the consumers are dynamic, we also leverage data to update the strategies continuously.
Through our custom eCommerce SEO services, we build our partnership with you on mutual understanding to pursue the same goal – drive your revenue.
Benefits of REdefine A/B testing
  •     Improved User Experience
  •     Improved Content
  •     Easy Analysis
  •     Reduced Risks
  •     Reduced Bounce Rates
  •     Reduced Cart Abandonment
Automation And Reporting
Automation And Reporting
Data is the fuel, and analytics is the engine of your business.
From the moment you wake up in the morning, you are constantly making decisions – what kind of coffee to drink and, depending on your mood, whether to have that croissant or not.
Similarly, for your business, we make decisions based on real-time data. Automation is changing your business. Whether you want us to predict potential target customers, measure the product demand, detect product failures and wins, and ultimately your ROI, we generate enough diverse data. These in-depth insights are for the ultimate users of the outcomes, the business owners – YOU!
For us, data is the most valued commodity, and hence, we repair the kink between the data and your business goals. The KPIs, KRIs, and KPAs identified help us design and implement a custom-made strategy for your business goals.
The modern analytical ecosystem that we leverage allows us to predict and test future scenarios for your business that you may have not even considered.
In 2011 good seo made you remarkable, in 2021 good seo is the result of being remarkable
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