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Reduce Ad Costs While Increasing Sales
SKU Analysis The Solution You Need
SKU Analysis is the solution you need. This powerful tool provides actionable insights into how each of your SKUs is performing so that you can make more informed decisions about where to allocate your ad budget.
SKU Analysis The Solution You Need
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We can help you focus on relevant keywords that will have a real impact on your campaigns. By shifting our focus to highly relevant keywords, we can help rein in ACOS(Amazon advertising cost of sales) and save you money.
Save Money With Our Highly Relevant Keyword Targeting
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Our team of experts will help you cut down on wasteful spending by identifying and pausing any non-performing keywords. We'll make sure that your ads are only targeting high-quality traffic with a CTR of over 1%.
  • Similar to how Google search works, when you type in a keyword in the Amazon search box and results appear, some of the top results will be sponsored posts – these are considered Amazon ads. They are denoted with subtle “sponsored” or “ad” text like in the image below.

    Advertisers who want to gain more visibility to their products on Amazon can pay for these positions by bidding on specific keywords, which will lead to higher visibility in the Amazon SERPs. The advertiser will then be charged when a shopper clicks on their ad.
  • The answer is straightforward. Unlike Google and Facebook, Amazon shoppers have strong making the advertising features more profitable than the others. This is the major reason that sellers and brands are keen to explore this major marketplace. purchase intent,

    Secondly, conversions occur on Amazon right away. This makes it easy to track campaign performance. Along with these, there are quite a few reasons why Amazon's advertising is powerful.
  • So you have some nice banner ads for branding purposes from your creative team that you'd love to promote, but you're also looking to simply drive more e-commerce sales with Google Shopping like ads. There are three main types of ads you can configure through Amazon including sponsored products ads, headline search ads, and product display ads.
  • Amazon provides third-party sellers with an easy-to-use advertising platform to set up various PPC ad campaigns within a few minutes. The amount you pay depends on the ad type, the keywords you target, and how competitive your niche is.
  • Here are seven Amazon advertising strategies you can implement to see better ROI on your Amazon marketing campaigns:
    1. Master Sponsored Products
    2. Master Sponsored Brands
    3. Including keywords in product listings
    4. Ensure product listing descriptions are accurate and robust
    5. Use high-quality images
    6. Garner positive reviews
    7. Use a tool to manage your campaigns
  • Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) are the services and tools provided by Amazon which allow vendors to run ads throughout the Amazon Marketplace. With three different types of ads to chose from, AMS enables the vendor to chose suitable marketing for product's needs, these are: Headline Search ads. Product Display ads.