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  • Amazon SEO is the practice of optimizing your Amazon product listings with the aim of improving your organic rankings in Amazon's search results. These better rankings lead to increased visibility for your products (measured by more impressions), which should result in more clicks and, ultimately, more sales.
  • A few simple steps can improve listings for product search, boost sales, and help shoppers find your brand.
    1. As an Amazon seller , you can use SEO tactics to:
    2. Drive more traffic to product listings
    3. Increase product and brand visibility
    4. Boost conversion rates and sales growth
  • Amazon search box: Shoppers can search for items by typing a term or phrase into the search box located at the top of the homepage. Online shoppers can use the Amazon search box to find products quickly with a drop-down menu of departments. Shoppers also have the option to type in general keywords. Amazon retrieves relevant results for the word or phrase, and the customer may refine the search to narrow down their search results.
  • SERP stands for “search engine results page.” The Amazon SERP shows results to shoppers after they complete a product search on To help boost product rankings on the SERP, optimize your Amazon product listings. Check out the rest of this article for ways to improve product rankings with search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Optimizing your product listings can help your products rank higher in search results, so more potential customers can find your listing. More eyes on your listing can lead to an increase in sales.

    Not doing Amazon SEO could mean that your products receive fewer views. Optimizing your product listings can help you secure a coveted spot on the first page.
  • Almost half of all eCommerce is on Amazon and that there are almost 10 million sellers offering products on Amazon. You need to make sure your product listings show up in the Amazon search engine. Your Google SEO strategy, while still important, isn't enough for Amazon search engine optimization. Your content needs to be optimized for transactional intent to increase sales.