“Content is King, but Distribution is Queen”
The Push And Pull Of Marketing
Our digital marketing services ensure that you don't have to choose between two marketing principles – push and pull. Our marketing experts provide a frictionless relationship between the content (push) and email (pull).
Understanding your business goals, we develop the right mix of push and pull.
Our priority is to make your prospects aware of your existence. In this interconnected world, quite often, it’s challenging to determine what triggers a user to seek information in the first place. Our marketing experts help create a demand for the product and then help develop the leads. Through push marketing, we create a demand for your business and through pull, we help satisfy their needs.
Our email marketing services and content marketing services help you attract new customers, but they also provide an excellent opportunity to strengthen the relationship with current ones. The emails you send should have quality, relevant, visually appealing content while having an actual purpose for being sent or shared.


As a strategy, this has never made sense as it does now, probably which is why now the phrase content is king is iterated during our brainstorming sessions. For your marketing plan to be successful, we design a strong content marketing strategy, helping you retain customers by creating relevant content using various formats like blogs, posts, infographics, videos that add value. We don't focus on just selling your business. Post a content audit our digital content creators strategize, ideate, design, and create content that solves your consumers' problems by asking you the following questions:  
  •     What do you want to achieve with the content strategy? 
  •     What content formats do you want us to use? 
  •     Who is the target audience, and what problem will it solve? 
  •     Where will the content be published? 
  •     What will be the KPIs and KRIs to measure the results?
Through content mapping, the custom-made content strategy is closely linked to the SEO audit. Our experts design suitable targeted content for each stage of the content marketing funnel once we solidify your SEO through our SEO writing services.
In the time it took you to read this sentence 20M emails have been sent.


Because everyone (almost) uses email!
We can give you the numbers of how many people use, email but we won't. How will you come to know that new flavored coffee pods are available for your coffee machine? Through email. When you need to book a table at the restaurant or create an account to shop on Shopify, what do you need? An email address. Because everyone (almost) uses email.
Email marketing is a powerful tool for your business. The email has proven time and again to be the best way of grabbing your customer’s attention, reaching out with relevant content that speaks directly to their needs or wants in seconds rather than hours- which means you can stay on top of what's happening while also bringing new traffic into the fold!
Our email marketing services help your business with
  • Instant Impact
  • Global Reach
  • Driving Revenue
  • Targeted message delivery
  • Reaching an already engaged audience

Klaviyo Email Marketing Services

Being certified Klaviyo experts, our email marketing specialists help you harness one significant advantage of email marketing – targeting your customers at a time that is convenient to them.  
We understand that the difference between a good email marketing campaign and an exception could come down to integration. Integrating emails with other applications/platforms like Shopify and Bigcommerce that you use for business can help you re-engage with subscribers, reach VIP consumers, and automate campaigns to generate a higher


Our team of email marketing specialists plans meticulous email campaigns. We create positive customer experiences for your business to stand for something more than being 'in style.'  
Continually 'testing, personalizing, and optimizing' is our approach to achieve peak brand value and propel your business forward. 
Our Email Marketing Design looks something like this: 
  •     Flow Setups 
  •     Design & Copywriting 
  •     Strategy & Content Calendar 
  •     Segmentation 
  •     A/B Testing 
  •     Optimization Reports
Automation And Reporting
Data is the fuel, and analytics is the engine of your business.

From the moment you wake up in the morning, you are constantly making decisions – what kind of coffee to drink and, depending on your mood, whether to have that croissant or not.

Similarly, for your business, we make decisions based on real-time data. Automation is changing your business. Whether you want us to predict potential target customers, measure the product demand, detect product failures and wins, and ultimately your ROI, we generate enough diverse data. These in-depth insights are for the ultimate users of the outcomes, the business owners – YOU!
For us, data is the most valued commodity, and hence, we repair the kink between the data and your business goals. The KPIs, KRIs, and KPAs identified help us design and implement a custom-made strategy for your business goals.  

The modern analytical ecosystem that we leverage allows us to predict and test future scenarios for your business that you may have not even considered.
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