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Email Audit: Get an audit of your email content to Improve Your results

Email is an important communication tool for businesses. Make sure your messages make the right impression with our email audit service.
Quick outcomes
Email audits that get quick, actionable results
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We're a reliable Klaviyo partner to help you audit your email marketing 
We offer a cost-effective email audit to improve your email marketing campaign
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We will provide tailored advice to increase your open and click-through rates
Optimize your email marketing with our audit service
The Klaviyo email marketing audit is the perfect solution for businesses that want to make the most of their Klaviyo account. Our team of experts will review all your templates and campaigns, and provide feedback on how you can improve your design, coding, and subject lines for better results.
Optimize Your Email Marketing With Our Audit Service
Get your email marketing back on track
We review technical issues such as deliverability, domain/IP blacklisting, spam complaints, and ESP account suspension. Our team has years of experience dealing with these issues and we can help you get your email marketing back on track.
Get Your Email Marketing Back On Track
Analyze your top and bottom performers
We offer a comprehensive email marketing review that includes benchmarking your email metrics against industry averages, reviewing your top and bottom performers, analyzing unsubscribes, and taking a look at subscriber demographics.
Analyze Your Top And Bottom Performers
Achieve industry leading conversion results
Our team of experts can help you review your email marketing strategy and make recommendations for improvement. We'll help you code, design, and content your emails for maximum impact, and we'll show you how to A/B test them for even better results.
Achieve Industry Leading Conversion Results
  • An email audit is a process of assessing the quality and effectiveness of an email communications program. It typically involves reviewing the content and structure of outgoing messages to ensure they are effective and compliant with company policy. An email audit may also assess how well incoming messages are managed and monitored.
  • The purpose of auditing your emails is to ensure that your communications comply with company policy and applicable law.

    An email audit can help to protect your organization from liability by identifying and addressing potential issues with your email communications, such as mishandling of confidential information, improper use of company resources, or violations of labor or employment laws. Email audits can also help to improve workflow efficiency and protect the privacy of employee communications.
  • An email marketing audit comprehensively assesses your organization's email marketing program. The audit covers all aspects of your email marketing, from the design and implementation of your email campaigns to the strategy and measurement of their performance.

    An email marketing audit aims to identify areas where your program can be improved and to make recommendations for how to best optimize your campaigns.
  • There are a few different ways to audit emails. Depending on the desired outcome, different auditing methods may be more effective. For example, suppose you want to ensure that all email communications comply with your company's privacy policy. In that case, you could create a software program to scan emails for specific keywords or phrases. Alternatively, if you want to audit email communications to uncover potential fraud or security risks, you might hire a team of experts to review a sample of emails manually. Before getting started, it's essential to define your goals for auditing email communications clearly.
  • An email audit should be conducted every few months to ensure that your email list is accurate and up-to-date. This will help you avoid any deliverability issues and ensure that your messages reach their intended recipients. Additionally, it’s a good idea to periodically review your email campaigns to ensure they align with your overall marketing goals.
  • An email deliverability audit is a service that helps organizations ensure that their emails are delivered to the intended recipients. The audit includes an assessment of the email infrastructure, including the organization's email servers and how they handle incoming and outgoing email traffic. The audit also assesses the organization's compliance with anti-spam laws and best practices.