Make data-driven decisions by integrating with Microsoft's Power BI

Microsoft's Power BI is developed and handled by our trustworthy partner and is effortlessly integrated with Redefine Solutions to extend your reporting abilities. Your business data in Redefine Solutions will smoothly feed into Microsoft's Power BI, enabling you to run reports which are vital to your business decisions. You’ll, also, have the chance to include your external data for more sophisticated custom reports.

Key Features

  • Accessibility to different Standard Reports
  • Period comparison reports by brand, product type, and vendor that compares your sales over two calendar periods
  • Product merchandising report offers insights on product mix within the category, sales mix, inventory mix along with weeks cover
  • Report on bundle compositions
  • Sales margin report
  • Weeks cover report displays the average weekly sales of every product and the number of weeks covered for every product SKU.
  • Accessibility to a design-and-build service to generate custom reports that are crucial to your business
  • Integrate Redefine Solutions business data along with external source data in your custom reports

How It Works

  • Business Data

    Order, product, inventory, supplier, the customer as well as warehouse data can be synchronized automatically to Microsoft's Power BI.

  • Product Attributes

    Product attributes tagged in Redefine Solutions, like seasons, brands, categories and custom fields are going to get effortlessly transferred into Microsoft's Power BI.

  • External Data Source

    Any external data source which allows API access or CSV download could be blended with Redefine Solutions data through Microsoft's Power BI to develop content-rich custom reports.

Our Integration core modules gives you powerful results with simple and intuitive features.
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