Redefine Solution Helped Half-Price Drapes in Customizing Store Pages to Their Exact Specifications

Half Price Drapes is a family-owned business designing and providing quality window coverings since 2005.


Half Price Drapes is a family-owned business designing and providing quality window coverings since 2005. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, HPD has grown from a small workroom and storefront, serving our local community, to a leading E-commerce specialty company. HPD now provides a wide range of ready-made, made-to-order, and custom products across the country and beyond. From New York to Miami, Seattle to San Diego, and everywhere in between Half Price Drapes has dressed more than 1 million windows across North America.

  • Integrated Microsoft NAV – Centralized Backend Management
  • Automated Custom Inventory Management System
  • Advanced Tax Management
  • Business Intelligence System
  • Faceted Navigation


Half Price Drapes needed a solution that would handle multi-channel e-commerce, as well as inventory management across multiple warehouses. Additionally, they needed custom functionality such as fabric calculations, which would measure the amount of the fabric to be cut along with advanced calculations for matching dye lots of the curtain to ensure that each of the curtains matches in terms of quality and color. One of the most important requirements of this project was that all elements needed to integrate to give one dashboard, and one central location for all information being stored.

In addition to these advanced calculations, Half Price Drapes required all this functionality to be implemented and set through the Microsoft NAV ERP system to be able to trace and track the profitability of each of the curtains. Needing a more advanced solution than an out-of-the-box e-commerce platform they were looking and needed an enterprise solution that would help them to achieve their end goals. In addition to advanced backend capabilities, Half Price Drapes was looking for a solution provider which would be able to support marketing invectives including marketplace management, website optimization, and SEO-driven marketing. They essentially needed a partner that would help them turn their ideas into reality, as well as stay competitive in their niche of the e-commerce world.


The first aspect of starting was to understand the business and processes clearly to understand the next steps in the project. With a rapidly growing business and growth on – Overstock, Wayfair, Amazon, and the Webstore Half Price Drapes required a business partner who could help them grow further as well as make technology an enabler instead of getting it the way. The typical approach of working with Half Price Drapes is to listen to their concern, which is consistently changing with over 10 years of partnership. By working with them to automate all aspects of their business, including warehouse, inventory, e-commerce, marketing, marketplaces, and optimization we can create a business that runs itself and continued to grow exponentially year after year.


Half Price Drapes business has grown 30 percent consistently over the last 10 years, with our partnership. Offering suggestions and automating business processes, keeps Half Price Drapes competitive within the market. Over time the system to automate permeates and enhances every part of Half Price Drapes business and helps to increase not just sales but the overall profitability of the business. There are many layers of automation in the system, with rules and logic built-in, and the interface requires very little human interaction to run smoothly. E-commerce processes, happen automatically and seamlessly – providing a seamless customer experience – from the sale to fulfillment. With enterprise-level capability, and currently processing over 40,000 transactions a month, the system is built to scale and grow with Half Price Drapes store.