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Abadak is an acronym for"A Better Atmosphere Dedicated to All Kind." Abadak's mission is to create unique high-quality products with an emphasis in philanthropy. A leading tarp and canopy supplier since 1999. Abadak has become one of the leading tarp suppliers in North America, offering poly tarps, canvas tarps, hay tarps, truck tarps, vinyl tarps, mesh tarps, and other types of tarp covers. Abadak is Texas-based, offering tarps for emergencies as well as personal use.

The Challenge
Abadak needed a solution that would be able to manage our inventory, order management process and other important back-office functions like sales tracking. Additionally robust and advanced

multi-site management

with the ability to have a central inventory for all the stores was a required part of the project. The goal of the project was to both revamp all existing tools and bring everything from inventory to sales, to warehouse management into one centralized solution, so all teams could manage and fulfill orders and sales with ease.
The Approach

The first step of starting the Abadak project was to ensure that all the details of the project were understood and comprehended clearly. We conducted interviews with the Abadak team in order to understand the business as well as the business challenges that Abadak was facing on a daily basis. Taking all the information provided we were able to create a backend and marketing strategy that would ensure that the business had everything in place to grow exponentially. Aside from the backend development, SEO and marketing promotion was equally important in this project. Using the information from the interviews, we were able to distill that information into a content strategy, technical SEO, optimization based on the latest Google rollout, and product description optimization – based on in-depth keyword research. We then looked at the site from a conversion standpoint and applied all conversion elements to the redesign of the site.

Highlight of How We Helped Increase Revenue
Advanced Custom Reporting

Advanced Custom Reporting

Needing a way to evaluate inventory performance, product performance, channels performance, and other factors for you to evaluate and make informed business decisions, we built a custom reporting feature in the Abadak dashboard. Giving access to key metrics including order summary, quick stock summary, analyze channel performance, geography-based sales data, measure product performance, identify preferred shippers, identify consumer behavior, as well as other custom reports.

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

Abadak needed a centralized warehouse management system that would help both streamline inventory as well as manage order fulfillment. Our solution gave the ability to implement efficient inventory control measures to boost accuracy and order processing efficiency within the warehouse. Automated batch pick, pack, and ship insured that order processing became 100% accurate regardless on which of the multiple storefronts that Abadak received a sale from.

Centralized Inventory Management

Centralized Inventory Management

Abadak required an inventory management system that would both work his advanced warehousing needs as well as effortlessly synchronize quantity between marketplaces. As well as allow the ability to manage inventory quantities from a single location. Our centralized inventory management updates inventory automatically across the connected marketplaces and stores when an order is placed. With one central repository for all product listings, the marketplace and store listing can be added or edited on the interface.

Kit Product Management with Dynamic Inventory
Kit Product Management
with Dynamic Inventory
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Multiple Store E-commerce – One Central Database
Multiple ecommerce store
– One Central Database
With multiple storefronts, Abadak required a central method to keep control of all of his sister companies, Tarps Plus, Ace Canopy, and Abadak from one central hub. This allows a business to use a single eCommerce platform to create multiple portals or online stores that are controlled from one centralized dashboard. This not only significantly reduces
eCommerce development
costs, but it also allowed Abadak to deliver separate and targeted shopping experiences to a varied customer base.
SEO and Promotion
SEO and Promotion

“What is not measured can not improve,” the first step in SEO or marketing project is ensuring that all elements can be measured correctly. We then determine the correct KPIs to measure and test the effectiveness of the campaign. We go deep into technical SEO ensuring product catalogs, and shopping carts overcome technical challenges that would prevent ranking. Once you have the technical aspects of SEO handled, it is all about content and links. Taking a comprehensive approach to SEO requires a focus on foundational content (metadata, homepage, category pages, and product detail pages) and strategic content (content that targets keyword research). After all the core SEO elements were taken care of, we then created link building campaigns, to promote optimized content which was created.


The result of our work with Abadak is a site that is visually compelling, runs smoothly, and is positioned for growth. Year on year the growth of the company has easily surpassed 30% in revenue. The back-end functionality of the work ensures that the warehouse, inventory, and reporting keep the store running flawlessly. All the automated processes surrounding orders work properly, and the store is now ready to start positioning itself with SEO. Web traffic has increased, resulting in more phone calls and potential leads. By redesigning the product pages, our category pages, and our product listings search results – we were able to both increase search engine rankings as well as conversions.