Based in New York, Eyeglasses123 offers the largest selection of authentic designer eyewear anywhere - over 200 brands like Ray-Ban, Prada, and Oakley. Most of the designer eyeglass brands are priced up to 30% off MSRP. Eyeglasses123.com uses only the highest quality optical lenses, and the customer service team is made up of expert opticians. With a product catalog of over 100,000 products and an ever-expanding offering, Eyeglasses123 strives to be one of the biggest eyeglass retailers in the United States.

The Challenge

With Eyeglasses 123 the problem was two-fold the first being needed to have a way to counteract and work with MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policy, while still promoting products in a competitive manner. Specialized cart functionality such as display a customized message, similar to “To get the best price on this item, add it to your cart” (which we will customize to your liking) in place of the price until the customer adds the product to their cart, was required to enhance the customer experience while still staying compliant with MAP rules and regulations.

The second challenge was data and data management. The more sales channels and fulfillment centers you operate to respond to omnichannel demand, the more difficult it is to accurately track and manage stock quantities across all those distributed locations and systems. These complexities coupled with the inefficiencies of the outdated systems cause out-of-stocks, overstocks, and overselling that cut into companies’ profit margins and ultimately hurt their bottom lines. With no centralized system to manage all of the products and marketplaces, Eyeglasses123 wanted to take their ad hoc approach and create one central location for everything.

The Approach

Conceptually Eyeglasses123 was very clear as to what was wanted from the website and how the website was to perform at the end of development. When we talked, it was clear that he needed a development partner to bring life to his ideas. We went through all the programs which were used by Eyeglasses123 to create a piecemeal solution and worked with him to prototype, wireframe and create a system which focused on giving him the big picture overview and bottom-line financial data that was needed for him to make wiser and more intelligent decisions.

Highlight of How We Helped Increase Revenue
Multichannel Marketplace Integration - Including Amazon, Overstock.

Multichannel Marketplace Integration

- Including Amazon, Overstock.

Previously Eyeglasses123 was creating listings and updating product information through marketplaces manually through homegrown solutions, this led to product errors and mismanaged information. We created a centralized system, which allowed for easy selling on multiple stores and marketplaces. With a central system in place, it becomes easy for Eyeglasses123 to see bottom-line financials, as well as accurately track orders, and inventory. Leading to better decisions and increase the profitability of the company.

Centralized Inventory Management System

Centralized Inventory Management System

One of the key challenges that Eyeglasses123 faced was disparate systems causing confusion and lack of transparency of inventory. Preventing an understanding of which products were performing best and which products were slow movers. We created a centralized

inventory management system

which synced all of the Eyeglasses123 accounting, purchase orders, sales channels, POS systems, warehousing, shipping and fulfillment technologies creating an automated, customized and scalable workflow.
Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management

Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management

Having multiple warehouses and taking advantage of Amazon Fulfillment, led Eyeglasses123 to need a way to better manage multiple warehouses. We created a
multi-warehouse solution
which allowed for seamless communication between warehouses and systems. With the ability to scan sales on marketplaces and multiple storefronts, the system auto-updates total quantity (a sum of all your warehouses) across channels, even if they are assigned different SKUs across each warehouse. The system also allows for set reserve levels, target levels to automatically prevent overselling.
Fitbox Integration – AI Driven Eyeglasses Try On
Fitbox Integration
– AI Driven Eyeglasses Try-On

Integrating AI driven technology allowed Eyeglasses123 to give customers to try before buying. With the virtual try-on feature, customers gained the ability to test out glasses and sunglasses from the comfort of their own home, to find the style that best fits them. Using face-mapping technology our integrated solution enrich customers’ buying experience by helping them find the perfect frame.


The results of development are the creation of a leading eyeglass website that is fully compliant with MAP rules and regulations yet still enticing for customers. The entire website is fully integrated with the many marketplaces and warehouses, so the system is a fully integrated and end to end solution that Eyeglasses123 has come to rely on. By bringing together all disparate systems we allowed Eyeglasses123 to gain access to the rest of the 88% of data that previously was housed in 5 different systems. This allows for demands patterns to more predictable and allows for easier demand forecasting.