About US

From the embroidery room to the front office, ParsonsKellogg is one of the top promotional products distributors, bringing integrity, creativity, and passion to every detail of the customer experience. Having a unique niche in selling luxury promotional items, ParsonsKellogg is on the fastest growing companies in Rhode Island. Targeted to grow an additional 10 Million in revenue this year, ParsonsKellogg tech-centric sales-oriented approach to business is what allows for the exponential growth of this company.

The Challenge

Wanting to expand and grow rapidly, ParsonsKellogg was finding that the multiple Magento stores, was a limited solution which was preventing the growth of the company. ParsonsKellogg was also concerned about the security of the Magento platform with so many attachments and plugins, being used which could be potentially hackable. They wanted to create a main admin area which could handle the many multiples stores they were selling to including: over 30 personalized company stores, their main company retail store and personalized sites in different field and industries (IE, Personalized Doctor’s Clothing), Additionally, ParsonsKellogg wanted to make it effortless for the sale team to navigate B2B customers to the sales page and order directly without any hassle. What they needed was an enterprise level system that would be able to handle all of their businesses unique requirements. They also needed to implement an ERP system which would tie all of their growth initiatives together. Needing a centralized system that would track to sales, tracking, order management, product and inventory management through one comprehensive hub so processes would run quicker and smoother. ParsonsKellogg also required customization tools to ensure that all of the products that were sold through the store could be customized to each customer’s unique logo and decorating requirements. ParsonsKellogg also required a custom Product Information Management system which would be able to keep up with the demands of the fashion industry.

The Approach

The first thing which was done was a full audit on the code, security patches, and setup of the existing ParsonsKellogg’s sites. Using the Magento platform, we were able to identify almost a dozen security patches that we needed installed.

After stabilizing and securing the current platform to ensure that all information become PCI compliant, we worked on setting up the custom development tasks which ensure exponential growth for ParsonsKellogg’s company. Building first the websites for clients and following a sales-centric approach to development. We worked to ensure all development needed for getting more sales for Parson Kelloggs was prioritized before any other development.

After the store was created we then performed in-depth interviews, and user flows to implement the Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation. By touring the location and listening to each of the employees and concerns we were able to create processes which were both unique to the company and based on best practices of ERP implementing.

We then worked on the multiple integrations which were required to make this project a success. Including live information about our different inventories across multiple warehouses. Accomplished through live calls to the backend, and then fed through the Microsoft NAV ERP system. Creating and housing a centralized location for all of ParsonsKellogg’s data. Everything was integrated for a seamless experience, in which all systems including CRM, ERP, multiple storefronts, warehouses, talked to each other. Allowing ParsonsKellogg’s to capitalize on business intelligence which was previously inaccessible.

We were then tasked with creating, curating, and uploading product information for over 100,000 products which were not previously on any of the websites. We performed all the frontend design work and transferred all existing catalogs, orders and customer base from the old platform the new system. We also worked on a performance optimization project for improving the loading time and general speed of the website.

Highlight of How We Helped Increase Revenue
Multi-store Integration with Inventory Management System

Multi-store Integration


Inventory Management System

ParsonsKellogg needed to deliver separate and targeted shopping experiences to each and every client buying personalized merchandise. We created an integrated and customized solution which offered this functionality of multiple portals with unique branding, functionality, and experiences for the consumer or the store within a store model. With one centralized hub connected to ParsonsKellogg's Microsoft NAV implementation, all information sales, orders, fulfillment could be tracked through one central database. This 10,000-foot view of how the company operates has given ParsonsKellogg complete visibility into their company’s profitability. The result of this implementation is increasing conversion rates, increase average order value, and offer brand unique experiences that keep customers happy and coming back. All while having a centralized system for growth and scalability.

Seamless Microsoft Dynamic NAV Integration

Microsoft Dynamic NAV Integration

With a piecemeal ERP system and want to create the backbone for exponential growth, we implemented a Microsoft Dynamics NAV to create a centralized location to house the all the company’s information and logic, which we then took and added Power BI, to create comprehensive reports for the company. Showing in-depth factual insight into who the best performers were in the company and who could use improvement. One of the main benefits of ParsonsKellogg’s NAV ERP system being the driving force behind multiple online stores. Is ParsonsKellogg’s websites became an efficient and effective extension of your traditional sales activities. This made the websites a natural transition for both customers and ParsonsKellogg’s in being able to create an Amazon-like environment for their B2B customers.

Centralized Order Management System

Order Management System

With Microsoft NAV being the core of the solution, we were able to automate ParsonsKellogg’s purchasing and sales order workflows from end to end. ParsonsKellogg was able to use the workflow that lets users capture payments, invoice, run tax calculations, split shipments, provide customer notifications, and much more. All while stripping away the complexity of managing special order types, such as pre-orders, drop shipments, and subscription recurring orders. From fraud rules to tax rate calculations to shipping methods, ParsonsKellogg's was able to gain complete control over how orders were managed and fulfilled.

Dynamic Promotion Webstore Creation
Dynamic Promotion Webstore Creation
With many high-end clients needing a storefront to set-up personalized gifts and items, ParsonsKellogg needed to create a branded customer portal for each of these clients. This gave each customer a branded storefront while keeping the central database with ParsonsKellogg's Microsoft NAV
ERP system
. This means that when their users log in, it re-skins the store, filters the catalog to only those products that they've approved for their company users to purchase, and can apply any type of workflow logic, such as assigning purchasing limits and approvals, notifications to internal billing and much more.
Payment Gateway ChargeLogic Integration
Payment Gateway ChargeLogic Integration
Deeply valuing the security of each of their clients, ParsonsKellogg's wanted to ensure that their store was
PCI compliant
. To achieve this, we integrated a ChargeLogic integration the, only PCI-validated credit card software for
Microsoft Dynamics 365
. By integrating ChargeLogic we were able to create an easy, secure, and reliable electronic payment processing, allowing ParsonsKellogg's to focus on their business. Built on an encrypted web services platform and completely integrated, users were able to easily enter data for authorization. Charges are automatically settled when sales orders are shipped.

ParsonsKellogg's business has doubled in the last year with working with them, and they credit a large part of that growth to the IT infrastructure we have provided to help scale and grow the company. The system is an in-depth, multitasking type of system with many layers of automation and integration built into the system. With best practices and in the industry combined with ParsonsKellogg's unique business rules, the system is able to create a fluid bridge between customer and salesperson with very little human interaction. Having a solid technology base and being one of the few promotional items companies able to offer an Amazon experience to their B2B clients, ParsonsKellogg’s is experiencing rapid and exponential growth in the company. As they achieve more and continue to grow, we offer suggestions in addition to their own to create a solution that will allow them to achieve the scalable and rapid growth of the company.